Trusting in God

This morning I was driving to work and the song “Catch The Wind” by Bethel Music came on. This song isn’t a very vertical song (Its not pointing upward towards God and His glory) but it is so good to listen to when you need a boost in your confidence. The lyrics from the bridge are my favorite….

Like standing on the edge of a mountainside. I can feel the wind stirring, lifting me up high. I was born into freedom, I was made to fly. I am strong and full of life. I am steadfast, no compromise. I’m gonna catch the wind.

Those lyrics are so good. Lately I have been very negative about how much I don’t know, how much I still need to learn, and how everything costs so much. On top of all that my health is not great. I have the hardest time finding energy and it makes work a struggle. I pretty much have no energy and a constant headache. When that song came on I just realized I need to change my attitude about the situation. Having a negative attitude will only bring myself, and others down. God is so good to me and I need to trust in Him. I wholeheartedly believe that if I am doing everything I can to take care of my body and keep it healthy, that God will heal me. If not physically, then mentally. Because of God and His love for me I am strong and full of life. I was made to fly. I intend to keep pushing through and glorifying God no matter what.

When I feel negative and discouraged the best thing that helps me is to listen to uplifting music, dive into the word, and pour into my relationship with the Lord. There is nothing that gives me more life then to simply pour my heart fully into God. The other day I got in my car after a really long and hard day at work and broke down. I felt so discouraged and angry. I decided to put on “Remembrance” by Hillsong Worship. Here are the lyrics…

Hallelujah, I live in remembrance. Hallelujah, your promise I won’t forget.

Those lyrics calmed my soul. I will live in remembrance. I will never forget His promise. Jesus suffered for me so that I could live in His light. Those lyrics encouraged me to remember what He’s gone through for me when I feel discouraged and angry. I can be free from sin and shame because of what the Lord has done for me and that is truly amazing.

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope it encouraged you. Please email me if you have any questions or comments. ( )

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